kate stein | costume, couture and craftsmanship

Kate Stein‘s uniquely crafted creations are exquisite works of art that embody the travels of its ambitious creator, through South East Asia

her experience gained through a one year high fashion and costume work placement in Germany, ignited her love for couture and outlandish fashion

the eponymous label Kate Stein has come to be synonymous with stylistic flair featuring a remarkable fusion of eclectic pieces

the styling of the editorial-quality images is astounding

Kate Stein’s collection is featured at the front of the store, so come and see the details in the flesh

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post-party production

 thanks to Sean Gobey for the footage of the fleet launch party

ps. Soot arrived friday, so get in quick.

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more Soot. | coming soon

Edwina Sinclair launched her label Soot. in 2009, which quickly gained recognition as the next sass & bide 

a love of black, ivory and charcoal colour palette and a sultry yet wearable silhouette is reflected in all her collections:

cut-outs, draping sheer and heavy-duty head gear 


  [ come out to play | Soot. Edwina Sinclair ]

volume and velvet : striking silhouette

[ entangled threads | Soot. Edwina Sinclair ]  

a fresh drop of Soot. clothing will be arriving very soon at the fleet store
so keep checking in

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mini lookbook shoot

we just finished a mini lookbook shoot at Fleet today

we all know that Parklife and Brisbane Festival are on their ways
(Brisbane Festival has actually started already, what shows are you guys going to?)
the lookbook will come out soon so hopefully all of you can get a little inspiration for what to wear to PARTY

p.s. Cass looks cute today!

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lanvin for h&m

I love Lanvin for Lanvin, and H&M being affordable and accessible
would the two mix well together?

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featured | robyn taggart

[ robyn target | solarity – ss2011 ]
I caught up with Robyn Taggart who blends her love of fashion with her background in science to create fresh and innovative pieces.
1 | What was it like to be a designer in the MBFF Graduate of the Year show?
I was ecstatic to be nominated, what an amazing experience!
2 | Can you describe your most recent collection, solarity?
It is an upbeat summer collection tailored for an active lifestyle and mind. It combines flowing silks, sports mesh, and tailoring in hot colours, fleshy tones balanced by cool blues. I wanted to cater for the urban Brisbane lifestyle that is reflected in so many other international cities.
3 | What made you choose such a distinctive colour palette for the collection?
The colour palette initially stemmed from the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, which is a data graph illustrating the temperature of stars. This combined with sunlight and the concept of pure white energy rounded out the palette.
4 | How did you decide on the fashion industry as your career path?
Fashion design is about creating new ideas with function using the body as a form. I initially studied a Bachelor of Science with hopes of becoming an anatomist, but the urge to create new designs around the human form overpowered the urge to understand its components. You connect with someone emotionally while they’re wearing your garments, so I aim to create pieces that make people feel and look the way they want to when they wear my designs.
5 | How do your roots in science affect your design process?
I look to the science and mathematics of natural processes, their rhythm and sequential patterns inspire me to replicate that in design. For example my graduate collection ‘Logic’ was based on the research of Fibonacci and graphical representations of his number sequence. ‘Solarity’ involved more centripetal forces and celestial movements.
6 | Where do you see yourself in the future?
Near future, I intend to travel to Europe and Asia for a time next year to work with some of the fashion houses I look up to. The distant future, the sky’s the limit.
7 | Any advice for other emerging designers?
Keep working towards your goal to the best of your ability, and keep learning.
8 | What does the name of the collection mean/represent?
I was looking to embody the expansion of unlimited energy in this collection, much as the sun radiates millions of kilometres a second. This process parallels with the way the human body and mind can exert multiple energies toward an ultimate ambition. Focusing on this combined source, I created a collection which reflects our hot summers and active lifestyles. ‘Solarity’ itself represents the clarity of energy in bodies.
Robyn Taggart’s previous collection aw2010 – logic is in store now.
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a cool change

[ ice cube headband | jacinta apelt ]
instore now
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